Good eye health and clear eyesight does not guarantee high level visual performance. In addition to evaluating the health of your eyes, we include tests to evaluate the visual skills needed in the classroom and at work. Faulty visual skills cause symptoms of strain and headaches and reduce your productivity.

When we evaluate the visual skills we test focusing accuracy, visual speed, endurance, eye balance and alignment, depth perception, and visual efficiency. If we only looked at eye health and eyesight many visual skills deficits would go undetected.

In today’s society eye strain and performance problems when on a computer is one of the more common conditions resulting from poor visual skills. Treatment of computer symtpoms often requires special glasses, eye drops, and vision therapy.

For children our examination is unique and unlike an exam for an adult. Drs. Nathan Bolen, OD, and Andrea Eigenberg, OD, and Michaela Sasse, OD have extensive experience with chidren's vision and perform special tests to investigate how well your child uses their vision in the classroom. The section on vision therapy discussed vision and learning problems in greater detail.

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