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  • Freeform Lenses
  • HD Glare Free Lenses
  • Computer – Office Lenses
  • Quality Fashion Frames
  • Contact Lenses
  • Lenses Styles and Treatments
  • Polarized Drivewear and Sunwear
  • Sports and Safety glasses

We feel it is important that you understand that when it comes to vision care products, they are not all created equally! Across the eye care industry there is a large variance in quality and craftsmanship. We take pride in using a wide-range of top quality materials with great product support to provide you with the best possible eye care products. We meet regularly with manufacturer's representatives to make sure that we have the latest and greatest available.

Different prescriptions require certain frame styles and lens treatments in order for your glasses to perform well and look great. Our trained opticians can guide you through this process. Our dispensary has hundreds of frames from which to choose, including a large selection of children's frames. We can help you find the size, shape and color of frame that is perfect for all family members. When it comes to contact lenses we offer a full spectrum of the latest and best performing products. Even if you have been told before that you cannot wear lenses, we may have a solution that is right for you.

Freeform Lens Technology

Freeform lens technology is a revolutionary change in lens manufacturing. For decade’s prescription lenses were made by starting with stock lenses off the shelf and adjusting the power. The same stock lens design was used as the base for a wide range of prescriptions.  With recent advances in computers this old system is becoming obsolete. With computer precision Freeform  technology lenses can now be custom made. Each lens is unique and tailored to the individual. The result is easier adaptation, clearer vision, and less side distortion. The complex progressive lenses, that are used to replace bifocals and trifocals, have benefited the most by Freeform technology. Adjusting to the new progressive lenses has never been easier. With Freeform lenses you will experience clearer vision at far and near, and less distortion.

HD Glare Free Lenses

High Definition (HD) Glare Free lenses provide clearer vision than a standard lens. The front and back surface of a standard lens reflect approximately 10% of the light as it passes through the lens. These reflections on a standard lens not only reduce the light entering the eye but also create glare, and “ghost images”. The new HD Glare Free lenses reduce the reflections by over 90%. Not only will you see more clearly but your glasses will be more attractive without the reflections. Fine camera lenses and glasses of celebrities on television are always made glare free to reduce reflections and improve image quality. HD Glare Free lenses are great for night driving and if you use a computer. You will also be pleased by how easy the HD Glare Free lenses are to clean and how well they resist scratches. Stop by the office and ask for a demonstration of the HD Glare Free lens.

Computer and Office Glasses

Many of us spend hours every day on the computer. Glasses that are used for driving or reading are usually not the best for computer work. Tired eyes, eye strain, blur, and neck pain are just a few of the symptoms common with computer use. If you're under age 40, eye strain or blurred vision during computer work may be due to poor focusing skills or unstable alignment of the two eyes. These problems can exist even if you have 20/20 visual acuity. If you're over age 40, the problem is made worse by the onset of presbyopia— the normal age-related loss of near focusing ability. The bifocals that are prescribed to help focus when reading are not ideal for the computer because they are set low in the lens and designed for reading at 13-16 inches. The computer screen is usually positioned at 19-22 inches and set up on the desk. Bifocal wearers will have to tip up and lean closer to see the computer clearly. Computer users can often end up with blurred vision, eye strain, headaches and in many cases a sore neck and shoulders.

Computer glasses are often the answer. These special-purpose glasses are prescribed specifically to reduce eye strain and give you the most comfortable vision possible at your computer. Computer glasses differ from regular glasses in a number of ways. Most importantly they are focused for computer distance and desk work and not for driving. They are also designed to reduce glare and relax the eyes.

Quality Fashion Frames

The prescription lenses will only work well if placed in a frame that is well fit, durable, and stays in alignment. For the best vision the frame size, shape, and fitting position need to match the prescription. So while we want the frame to be fashionable it is equally important that the frame fits properly. Our trained opticians have the expertise to help you make a good selection.
We look at thousands of frames to create our frame selection. We do not purchase discontinued frames and only work with companies that provide quality, reliable products. Our commitment does not stop the day you pick up your eyewear. When you wear your glasses daily we know your eyewear may need periodic adjustments and repairs. Please stop by when an adjustment is needed

We included a number of quality fashion frames. Below is a partial list of frame designs we carry.

  • Tommy Bahama
  • Gucci
  • Pro-design of Denmark
  • Juicy Couture
  • Valentino
  • Calvin Klein
  • Silhouette
  • Fossil
  • Chestefield
  • Perry Ellis
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